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The Trustworthy Virtual Healthcare You Need

Wello Health Virtual Healthcare benefit helps employees get well when they’re sick and keep well every day. This is simply for everyone. It is ideal for businesses, families, individuals, and partners. It believes that with easy access to healthcare makes your business healthier too. With healthier people, you can save on medical costs, take the stress out of the workplace, make everyday health a priority, boost health and performance. A company can simply retain its top talent. It can also help families in having a happier and healthier life. When you need support on the go, you can simply talk to a nurse practitioner in minutes via video or phone through mobile-friendly, online health portal. Simply, get an expert advice and access. One its awesome feature is that it can provide prescription delivered to your home. This is also ideal for broker or advisor looking for innovative health benefits solutions that bundle seamlessly into plans and portfolios. Wello is simply providing personalized healthcare at their fingertips.

They are simply experts in delivering excellence in healthcare. They are more than just a tech company. Its parent companies were: Coril Holdings and INLIV, have over 40 years of experience in the award-winning corporate medical care and medical compliance. It can be accessed by Canadians through phone and video consultations and via their online health portal. It offers specialist referrals, follow-up discussions, and total confidentiality. Its team of nurse practitioners and medical care coordinators aren’t just another automated voice on the phone. They provide real solutions and holistic care. Additionally, it provides a 24/7 on-call support for urgent care needs after hours. Wello is available to Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan residents and businesses. They operate from their facilities in Calgary and Toronto with a team of approximately 75 employees and additional remote providers.

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